Discover The Ride

Discover The Ride

Discover the Ride, by the Progressive® International's Motorcycle Shows® (IMS), is a forward-thinking initiative designed to serve and support the entire motorsports industry. This approachable motorcycling experience is primarily designed for non-riders and is the only program in the market that allows a non-licensed motorcyclist to “Discover the Ride”. Participants are invited to immerse themselves in the world of motorcycling though an adult riding course, Kids Zone, New To 2 presentationsand more. 

New Rider Course in partnership with Zero Motorcycles
The New Rider Course gives non-licensed attendees the opportunity to ride a motorcycle for the first time and learn riding basics from expert instructors. The indoor demo course will host a fleet of speed-limited electric Zero Motorcycles to give participants the experience of riding a motorcycle in a safe and controlled environment. Zero Motorcycles have no transmission, feature ABS as standard equipment, and its zero emissions make an indoor experience on one of the most advanced motorcycles in the world a possibility. Instructors from Total Control Training will be on hand at each show to give instruction and guidance and gear will be provided by Cycle Gear, Shark Helmets, HJC and Shoei. 


New To 2
New To 2 serves to educate new riders on the world of motorcycling by answering all of the commonly asked questions. Hosts Jordan Diggs and Monique Filips will be on hand to answer questions, guide new riders through Discover the Ride, and be a resource for new riders on how they can get more involved in motorcycling after leaving IMS. New To 2 also provides an online catalogue of videos geared specifically toward non-riders.  Visit to check out the videos.


Dyno Experience
Get on a real motorcycle that is securely mounted to a dyno to experience starting a motorcycle up, engaging the clutch and shifting through the gears, while feeling the torque of the motorcycle with the guidance of an expert. 

XDL Wheelie Experience
Test your wheelie skills in a controlled environment, while improving balance and throttle skills with the help of XDL stunt pros. You'll also have the opportunity to experience the exhilarating torque of Zero Motorcycles that have not been governed to reduce power for the New Rider Course. The XDL Wheelie Experience is a motorcycle attached to a stand in a manner that allows wheelies without forward movement; it’s fun to watch and more fun to try.


Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle Demos
Discover a new take on 2 wheels by going for a spin on a Yamaha electric power assist bicycle.


Kids Zone
The Kids Zone joins Discover the Ride in partnership with Stacyc, featuring a closed course of battery assisted balance bikes for children to experience riding for the first time, which are the ideal way to introduce riding to young kids. Participants will have the option to ride the balance bikes with or without the addition of a speed limited electric motor depending on their skill. The reccommeded age and weight requirements are 3 years old to 75 pounds. All particpants will be tested for skill before entering the course. 


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