The Benefits Of Advanced Rider Training

The Benefits Of Advanced Rider Training

We have declared the month of May as Learn to Ride Month. The weather is warming up. More motorcyclists are getting their bikes out from winter storage and getting back out on the road. Some of us in warmer climates have been riding year round. Regardless of your riding situation,  saddle time is an important component to motorcycling because we are all riding for one reason: We love it and there is nothing else quite like riding a motorcycle.

Let’s be honest though, it is easy to become complacent as a motorcyclist once you begin riding. A high percentage of riders who get their motorcycle license never again take a personal development course. 

Ask yourself, have you ever thought you are “good enough” or already a “great rider?” Have you said, “I haven’t had a crash or incident in x amount of years, so I am ok.”   

You may have been riding for years without an incident but imagine if you could increase your confidence on a motorcycle in one day or two? Increase your ability to be a safer and smarter rider than you are right now? Perhaps become a faster and more in control rider? Wouldn’t that be worth it to you, your family and your loved ones?

That’s exactly what an advanced training course offers anyone who wishes to remain a lifelong rider. There is always something new to learn or a skill to practice. Don’t believe us?  Ask any professional motorcycle racer how much they train and practice and you might be surprised when they all say they never stop practicing and learning. 

With our May You Learn To Ride Month declaration, we want to see new and existing riders take an active interest in becoming better riders. Here are a few reasons why you should take an Intermediate or advanced course. 

You Cannot See Your Flaws As A Rider

There is a reason why the best athletes in the world have personal trainers and coaches. They are able to hone and perfect their technique by getting feedback from others with a similar or greater understanding of technique. Very few of us ride at that level and to receive professional feedback on a motorcycle can drastically improve your riding ability.  

Increase in Confidence and Skill

You know how to operate all the primary controls of a motorcycle but when is the last time you really practiced an emergency braking maneuver, swereving or honed your trail braking ability. For those of use relatively new to motorcycling there is a lot to be gained from advanced courses because newer riders have often yet to develop an ego or bad habits. Those who have been riding for a long time may know exactly what they need to work on or get better at when it comes to their riding style.

Cost Value Benefit

Most 1-day Intermediate or advanced training courses are relatively affordable and the skills you learn will last a lifetime. No matter what bike you presently ride or plan to ride in the future, the techniques you learn will be forever be applicable. You simply have to practice them.  

A Closed Course Environment Promotes Better Learning

Learning and practicing a technique up in the canyons is highly risky. Roadways are complex environments that bring with them any number of hazards.  Why take the chance? In a closed course environment with professional instruction, you are free to push your limits and focus on the techniques at hand.  

Learn From Professional Instructors Not Your Friends

Your buddy might be an excellent rider but to distill complex riding mechanics into a practical and executable format for a less proficient rider is another story all together.  A lot of people know how to ride well but many people do not know how to teach well. You want to be very discerning about who and how you learn new riding techniques. Remember, if you learn a technique improperally there are very real and dangerous consequences. You also don’t want to learn bad habits from people who appear more experienced.


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Ax1.jpgIt doesn't matter what bike you have. Proper technique and advanced riding mechanics will make you a better rider.


IMG_0060_0.JPGA closed course enables repetition and conditioning of good technique.


A33I1775.JPGOne-on-one feedback from professionals help you grow as a rider. That equates to better lap times, better technique, more confidence, and you becoming a safer rider. 

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