2016 Cleveland CycleWerks Ace Deluxe

2016 Cleveland CycleWerks Ace Deluxe

Posted on Tuesday May 23, 2017
Builder: Scott Colosimo
Build: Brand New Cleveland CycleWerks Ave Deluxe Modified named 216 Ace Scrambler
CompanyCleveland CycleWerks

- Tell us about you/your shop. 
Cleveland Motorcycles, the custom shop, primarily exists to customize and modify Cleveland CycleWerks motorcycles.  We are just west of downtown Cleveland.  We also build vintage Ducati's and Triumphs, but the Cleveland custom business has become big enough that we are turning down more of the vintage stuff so we have time for all the custom Cleveland CycleWerks builds.  

Cleveland CycleWerks produces small to mid-displacement motorcycles that are extremely easy to modify, and very affordable to purchase and own.  We have a passion for custom bikes, but definitely always look at the affordable aspect, as we live in Cleveland, this is a working class town, and that reflects in the total cost of our builds.  The Ace Deluxe for example is $3395 MSRP, and almost all of the builds are under $5400 out the door.  

- What make, model and year of bike is it?
This is a 2016 Cleveland CycleWerks Ace Deluxe, all of the scramblers are custom built for each customer, as so many customers have their own idea of what a scrambler should be, we just build them to order. 

- What was your inspiration for the build? 
The Ace Deluxe is setup for on road and light off road duty from the factory.  Many customers have been asking us for a street scrambler that can do light off-road duty, and that is exactly what you see here.  Beefier tires with the Conti Twin Duro setup, wide bars, flat seat, the bike is very light and nimble, so it lends itself well to scramblerizing.

So, with that in mind, we wanted a fun bike for on road, stoplight to stoplight, wheelie away, but also wanted something super beefy for gravel roads and camping.  Basically just wanted to build a fun bike to wheelie, I think that was the main criteria.  

- Where did you find the bike? What year was it originally made? 
This in a brand new 2016 Cleveland CycleWerks Ace Deluxe we modified.  

- Can you run us through the build process? 
This one was pretty straight forward, we know what works well on scramblers, Cleveland SpeedShop makes a ton of bold on parts, so we started with the parts bin and ordered the stock parts that we liked, we built other items that were not available like the custom seat and rear fender.  

- What was the hardest part of the build? 
The hardest part of the build was modifying the seat while trying to still make it stock.  

- What do you like best about the finished bike? 
The overall stance and attitude make me want to hop on the bike.  I think that is critical when you are complete, it should make you want to ride.  

- Do you have a name for the bike?
The "216 Ace Scrambler"

- What style of bike is it? 

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2016 Cleveland CycleWerks Ace Deluxe