Our main stage presentations attract thousands of attendees to see the top motorcycle racers, riding instructors, technical seminars, daredevil stunt riders, adventure touring legends, bike designers, industry influencers and custom builders along with A-list and moto celebrities. Q&A from the audience following the presentations is encouraged. Stage highlights for the current Tour include Doug Danger (select cities), Glen Heggstad/Earth Ride (select cities), Scott Russell “Mr. Daytona” (select cities), Yamaha Champions Riding School (select cities) and Jason Britton/Team No Limit, among others.

Doug Danger
Motorcycle Daredevil who holds the World Record Harley Davidson Jump August 6, 2015, Guinness World Record Jump 251 feet over 42 cars; he will have the Vanson Leathers and cape worn during the World Record Jump – an exact replica of Evel Knievel’s 1974 Sports Illustrated Cover Leathers.

Jason Britton
Legendary stunt riding pioneer Jason Britton and teammate Ian Gaines will give you an inside look on what it really takes to be a stunt rider. Don't forget to check out the live stunt show for mind-blowing motorcycle moves in this one-of-a-kind actions sports genre.

School of Rock
Supporting our next generation of prospective riders, the School of Rock returns for a 3rd tour season, featuring high-energy, live performances fusing the perfect mix of music and motorcycles.

Erin Sills 
Erin is a landspeed racing veteran from the Hunter Sills Race team, 24-time World and National record holders on the Bonneville Salt Flats.  In 2013, HSR set 5 world and national records, including becoming the Worlds Fastest BMW with Andy Sills piloting an S1000 RR to 236 mph.   Erin has personally set a dozen world and national records, holds 2 Guinness World Book records and is the American Motorcyclist Association’s "Female Athlete of the Year”.   Erin’s fastest average mile record (so far) is 209 miles per hour on her BMW S1000 RR, and she is a lifetime member of the Bonneville Salt Flats 201 MPH club. Erin has been an Advertising Age “Woman to Watch” for her career accomplishments and is the founder and benefactor of the sheEmoto Scholarship for women in landspeed racing.   This week she was just named to the Board of Directors of the Save The Salt organization (a group founded to preserve the Bonneville Salt Flats) and is a frequent evangelist for the sport of motorcycling.   At heart, she’s a sport-touring rider with over 250,000 miles on a variety of bikes over the past 15 years.    

Arai Helmets
All about motorcycle helmets by Arai is  everything there is to know about all helmet styles and features for every riding style.  Proper helmet fit,  how to care for your helmet and what exactly are the differences in the safety certifications are just some of the topics covered in this informative presentation.   Don't take chances with your head by assuming something you read on an internet blog is correct.  Get definitive answers to your questions from a top industry professional at the Progressive Stage.

Twisted Throttle
 Prepping for the Long Ride by Twisted Throttle's presentation will cover key elements to making your next long ride more pleasurable.  Proper gear, bike set-up, packing and trip planning are some of the topics that will be covered by not only a seasoned motorcycle industry professional but also a well accomplished distance rider.  It doesn't matter if you are planning your first over night trip on a motorcycle or an around the world odyssey there is something to help everyone enjoy that next long ride even more.       

Dunlop Tires
“Where the rubber meets the road” by Dunlop.  A top industry professional will be speaking and answering questions  about one of the most expensive wear parts on your  Internet myths and urban legends abound when speaking about motorcycle tires.  Impress your friends with actual facts.  Watching this informative presentation will not only make you and your motorcycle safer and perform better but also save you money.     

Lenny Albin with K-tech
The, Suspension Made Simple for Every Rider by K-Tech presentation is suspension and frame geometry 101 for EVERY rider that would like to have more control and comfort on their motorcycle.  If you are looking for your motorcycle to handle just as well loaded down with gear and a passenger as without this presentation is a must see.  Suspension is not a voodoo back art when presented by Lenny Albin but rather an easily understandable overview of suspension basics.  Have you ever wondered what all those knobs and adjusters on your suspension actually do?  Lenny Albin is the most experienced suspension instructor in the country and is expertly equipped to answer any and all questions about suspension set-up for your style of riding and motorcycle.  Lenny is currently dialing in suspension for top AMA riders across the country who translate comfort and control into faster lap times.  For touring and recreational riders comfort and control is translated into safety and longer rides.