Stunt Show

Stunt Show

Get revved up for some incredible live stunt shows at IMS. 

The Metal Mulisha Fitz Army will be joining the IMS Tour on 5 stops with a high-flying freestyle motocross show in Long Beach, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Dallas, Washington D.C.  Don't miss the Fitz Army riders taking some serious air and performing stunts like KOD (kiss of death) flips, whips and heart attacks. 

Metal Mulisha Fitz Army Riders:

  • NEW TO THE IMS TOUR - Vicky Golden (AKA "Golden Girl"): A professional rider for over seven years, Golden is a three-time gold medalist at the X Games and the only female to qualify for Supercross 
  • Jimmy Fitzpatrick (AKA JFitzo): Creator of Fitz Army and owner of Fitz Land with over 13 years of professional riding experience and won major competitions across the globe 
  • Destin Cantrell (AKA "The Whip Master"): 2017 X Games Best Whip gold medalist 
  • Cal Vallone (AKA "Cal Velocity"): The newest and youngest member of the team, Vallone was a semi-finalist at this year's Nitro World Games 
  • Brody Wilson (AKA "Bart"): Red Bull X-Fighters and X Games competitor with over 10 years of experience 
  • Fitz Army MC - Kenny Bell (AKA "Kenny Taco Bell"): Retired pro FMX rider and an official announcer for the X Games and Nitro World Games

At New York and Chicago IMS, riders from the XDL National Championship (XDL), the world's premiere street bike freestyle championship series, will perform a variety of stunts ranging from wheelies, acrobatics and high speed stoppies. XDL combines the world's best riders and some of the most complex and difficult tricks for an unmatched street bike performance.

XDL National Championship Riders:

  • Chris McNeil (AKA "Teach"): 2-time XDL East Coast Champion and 2018 Stuntwars World Champion, has won or been on the podium in virtually every competition in the past 7 years 
  • Aaron Twite (AKA "Twite"): An active competitor on the XDL Championship series for the past 10 years and travels the world judging international competition and performing across Asia
  • Chris Theis (AKA "Tice"): Been announcing XDL Competitions since 2008 and performing XDL Street Jam events since 2012

*Stunt times and riders are subject to change