Spot Check: Jimmy Fitzpatrick at Fitzland

Spot Check: Jimmy Fitzpatrick at Fitzland

About Jimmy Fitzpatrick
Explaining Jimmy Fitzpatrick in a few words would be nearly impossible. Dirt bikes came into his life during family trips to the desert, primarly Ocotillo Wells. In his younger years Fitz was on a different direction of sports, taking on Aquatic High Diving. Once his family moved to a 54-acre vineyard property in Temecula, he turned his skills from flipping into water over to flipping a dirt bike onto dirt. He started riding at the age of 5 and turned pro by 20. He has taken on Freestyle demos all around the world making a name for himself and some of the biggest KOD flips in the action sports industry. Fitzpatrick also has quite a wrapsheet of accomplishements from all the contest and debuts he has entered. Fast forward to today, Jimmy holds a prime spot of property known to many as “Fitzland” which stretches on a 54-acre parcel of land located in the heart of Southern California’s Temecula wine country. What began years ago was the process of adding 50 foot jumps, 120-foot ramp to dirt jumps, which the escalated to bigger natural terrain jumps reaching 160 feet, and every height in between. Jimmy is a part of a FMX stunt team called Metal Mulisha Fitz Army and the team practice at Fitzland every chance they get. 

Catching up with Jimmy Fitzpatrick/Fitz Army to see what the team is working on this Summer.

What is Fitz Army is currently up to?
We've been staying busy with shows every weekend for the past several months. We just kicked off our summer tour which includes monster truck shows, air shows and fairs throughout the United States. We're also excited to have a couple of our guys compete in a few weeks at the Nitro World Games in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What’s happening over at Fitzland?  Who’s come out to ride there lately?
Between a wedding venue being built and people coming from all over the world (and local) to ride, Fitzland has been nothing short of excitement and constant chaos. On average the guys you see ride here are Jeremy Twitch Stenberg, Tyler Berman, Axell Hodges, Todd Potter, Vicki Golden, Fred Kyrillos, Kenny Bell, Cal Vallone, Destin Cantrell, Brian Deegan and so many more. The list goes on and on. There's never a dull day!

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