The Real Deal: Jessi Combs and Theresa Contreras

The Real Deal: Jessi Combs and Theresa Contreras

Builders: Jessi Combs and Theresa Contreras
Build: 2016 BMW R nine T named The Real Deal R Nine T
Company: I Am The Real Deal 

About the co-creators of The Real Deal and their custom 2016 BMW R Nine T
Jessi Combs is a multi-talented innovator, racer, and TV personality. Her degree in custom automotive fabrication is put to spectacular use on her wide-ranging vehicular projects. She is a land speed record holder, a Baja 1000 podium finisher, a champion of other racing disciplines and will be first female Grand Marshal for the 2017 Mayor's Ride in Sturgis. Her desire to motivate more women (and men) to build their ideas, go fast and get dirty inspired the creation of Real Deal with partner Theresa Contreras.

Theresa Contreras is a machinist, graphic designer and renowned custom painter brings her Cal Poly Fine Art education, hands-on auto body shop experience, and a love of all things motorsports to their creative partnership. Her custom paint work has graced the SEMA show floor and covers of top magazines numerous times, has been seen on TV, and has contributed to major projects with the best of the best in the industry.

What make, model and year of bike is it?
2016 BMW R nine T named The Real Deal R Nine T

-What was your inspiration for the build?
There were a group of girls in Sturgis who toyed around with our next badass builds. We decided that a land speed inspired bike would be such an awesome concept. News travels fast in this industry and before we knew it, BMW offered a build project. 

-What is your favorite part of the build?
The R nine T provided a unique and exciting challenge for the multi-talented builders. “Building an R nine T was a unique build for the both of us,” Jessi said. “While we have built plenty of motorcycles, cars, and trucks, the wide boxer engine had us designing and building outward in order to give the bike a proportionate stance, rather than trying to slim it all up.” Clearly those are the words of someone with an acute awareness of design.

Fittingly, the bike has design roots deeply embedded in speed. After all, Jessi has earned the moniker, ‘the fastest woman on 4-wheels,’ having logged a record speed of 398 mph with a top speed of 477.59mph. "We based the bike off of a land-speed inspired theme. The custom fabricated front fairing, the RSD hub adapter for the billet wheels, and Theresa’s custom paint seem to be getting a lot of attention.” said Jessi. Attention indeed. The bike is a show stopper.

- What do you like best about the finished bike? 
I like that it looks like a mullet! From the side view, the muted silver and gray hues make it modest and then you take a closer look from above and see Therea's badass gold accents and gold metal on the seat. It's unassuming for a R nine T and most builders aren't doing this on this type of bike. 

-Anything else you want to share?
There are girls... and then there are REAL DEAL girls.  When it comes to being "hands on", REAL DEAL girls take those words to heart.  These ladies do not beat around the bush, they roll up their sleeves, and get to work on whatever task it is they've set their mind to. When they dream, they dream big...and they do it with the throttle to the floor.

Through many projects and journeys, the women have embarked on a global mission to motivate others in a way that breeds self-confidence, passion, breaking stereotypes, healthy decisions, hands-on training, creative development, positive images, and greater community involvement through the Real Deal. For more about Jessi Combs and Theresa Contreras, visit

©Article and Photos Courtesy of Jessi Combs, Builder and Owner of The Real Deal 

The Real Deal: Jessi Combs and Theresa Contreras