MotoDoffo Vintage Motorcycle Collection

MotoDoffo Vintage Motorcycle Collection

About Marcelo Doffo, owner of Doffo Winery and MotoDoffo

My name is Marcelo Doffo and I was born in a raised in a small farming community in central Argentina. Back then, a horse carriage or a vintage car was the primary mode of transportation. Motorcycles were a luxury at the time. Old bikes from the early ‘40s and ‘50s were available, but not many people used them as transportation on a regular basis. 

It all started early in my life, when my cousin showed up in a fairly modern motorcycle for it’s time. Around the same time, there was a sudden explosion of motorcycles being imported from Italy or made in Argentina that were available to the public at an affordable price. In our small town, we had more than three places where we could buy motorcycles. Even the local general store had them for sale. Of course, there was only one way to know which bike was better or faster. We raced them. 

Locals would gather on any Sunday on a dirt track that my uncle made. Then there she was, a 175 cc Ducati Sport. It arrived at the race track as a display bike. My other uncle who worked at the dealership was showing it to potential buyers. The colors, all the chrome pieces and the sound was nothing compared to what we were used to seeing. I can close my eyes and hear it. Since that day, my heart and soul have been one with Ducati. 

Eventually, our family purchased our first motorcycle form  my uncle’s dealership, a Vicentina 125cc. It was used to take me and my brother Jorge to and from school. We had it until I enrolled in the Army. The bike was made for someone who need a bit of experience in welding because the frame was very fragile. I grew up going to local dances and dates in my Vicentina. We grew up together. It was part of our family. 

After a few years in the United States, I have always had a motorcycle in my garage and have never stopped riding until one day in 2001. I purchased a brand new Ducati 900 SS, the feeling of a modern bike with it’s incredible brakes, great acceleration, and maneuverability; it got my heart revving at higher RPMs. Later on, I began with an old BMW bike, then a little Ducati Bronco, I began to realize that restoring vintage bikes was very rewarding experience. I enjoyed bringing them back to their original form and listening to the pleasant sound of an old motor. Since then until even today, it is a non stop search for that next bike that appeals to me. The bikes I search for must be small cc European with some special characteristic.

More than forty years later, I would like to share this humble collection of motorcycles with you. They may not have much value as unique collector pieces, but they are priceless to me since many of them are attached to my heart. 

MotoDoffo Vintage Motorcycle Collection