Catching up with Jamie Robinson of MotoGeo

Catching up with Jamie Robinson of MotoGeo

A little about Jamie Robinson...
Jamie Robinson was born in a 2-wheeled world due to a motorcycle obsessed father who chopped up an old Garelli moped and taught his son to ride at 3.5 years old. After growing up watching his dad race around the tracks like Cadwell and Mallory Park on his 500xx BSA Gold Star, Jamie swapped his dirt-bike gear for racing leathers and joined his dad racing the asphalt tracks in 1992. Going on to race in British, European and World Championship events, as well as the road courses of the Isle of Man TT and recently Pikes Peak, Jamie now usually wear adventures gear as he takes to the hills for his next adventure. 

Q&A with Jamie Robison of MotoGeo:

-What type of bike(s) are you riding?
I love to ride all types and ages of motorcycles. In my garage, I have a 1950’s Triumph, a 1970’s motocross machine, which is madness to ride, and then more modern bikes like my Ducati Scrambler and an Aprilia Dorsoduro on long-term loan. All the bikes are fun, ride differently, but most importanly - all make me smile.

-Have you taken any exciting rides or adventures since IMS? 
Yes! I’ve done a bunch of traveling since Long Beach IMS last November. My first trip was to Mammoth Lakes in California. I had heard from friends that the trails were awesome so I headed out there with a good buddy who know all the hot spots on my KTM 1290 Adventure.  We hit all kinds of weather from rain to snow to gorgeous sunny skies. It was absolutely beautiful in the winter time.

Then I headed over to the Gran Canaria Island to test the new KTM 79 DUKE. Its a bike I’d been excited about ever since I saw in EICMA a few years ago as a prototype, but now it was reality and it was well worth the wait! I stayed on the island and filmed an adventure on the KTM Super Duke including the non-stop twisty mountain roads around the island. It's a great biking destination for adventure-junkies. 

After that, it was on to Andalucia in Spain, were I teamed up with a local tour company and headed off into the Spanish mountains. The roads were incredible, however the weather wasn't so great due to the rain. I decided to meet up with an old friend in Ronda and stayed at his impressive bed and breakfast. The following day I ventured out to ride brilliant roads while visiting the famous "white towns of andalucia" in the remote hills. If it all sounds good, don’t worry you can watch all soon on the MotoGeo channel. 

-What’s your next big adventure for the Summer? 
I’ve planned a few riding trips this Summer including Ohio, Columbia and possible trip across the states.

Last year, I went to the brilliant AMA Vintage Days in Ohio - a great event that is full of motorbikes, races, mx, trials, road racing and more. It was so good that I am going back this year and I will try and race all events. Last year my bike broke down after 2 laps, so I figured if I have one motorbike per discipline, I've a better chance of getting some riding in! 

I'd like to return to ride in Columbia as I was mighty impressed by the beautiful country, dramatic scenic views, endlessly curvy roads and so much more. Now that I've got friends there, I am eager to discover more. 

Lastly, more adventure is in the planning phases. I hope to take trip across the states. That's all I can say for now.

-What is your favorite place to ride and why?
I do not have just one favorite place to ride. I’m happy when I am riding anywhere, but my favorite day or riding would include a quiet twisty road with stunning vistas and a place to stop and eat along the way!

-What advice would you get to riders who are looking the ultimate adventure ride?
Don't take it too seriously - just go for a ride and have fun. You can make adventures happen in 1 day, so not every adventure needs to be weeks on the road. Keep it simple, keep it enjoyable, stay safe.

-What changes would you like to see in the moto industry, especially with the younger generation? 
Fast bikes and new riders are always a worry too me. I've also thought there should be an engine capacity limit on experience and age, as it is not a sensible idea for an inexperienced rider to be allowed to purchase a high-powered machine.

I would change the law so that everyone has to wear helmets in all states. Cars have seatbelt and airbags, we need to protect our riders and passengers and a great place to start is with the younger generation wearing protection.

The moto industry should put some pressure on the film industry, so that they make actors wear helmets and protective gear as the younger generation are all influenced by what they see in film. When you see Tom Cruise riding like an idiot without a helmet on a motorcycle it doesn't help influence the younger generation with safety. 

-Anything else you’d like to share.
I think lane sharing should be allowed everywhere, in all states. If there is room and it is safe, motorcycles should be allowed to used parts of the road that cars cannot. We can legally lane share in California, Europe, and Asia, but it madness to me that in many US  =states, lane sharing is forbidden and illegal. Sharing the road stops motorcycles getting rear ended, over-heating and we free up space on the road for cars to use.

Follow Jamie's adventures on Instagram and YouTube @motogeo.

Catching up with Jamie Robinson of MotoGeo