Around the World on Two Wheels

Around the World on Two Wheels

Q&A with William Gloege

-Tell me a little about yourself and how you got into riding.
As a kid, we lived in a mountain community with endless private dirt roads and my friends lived miles away and up and down hills. In the interest of not having to cart me around, my father bought me an 80cc Yamaha for transportation.  Little did he know that the freedom the bike gave me would carry me well into adulthood.  Since then, I have always looked at the bike as a mode of travel as well as a sense of independence and freedom.  Since taking my first dual sport bike on an overnight trip, I have looked to the motorcycle as a tool of exploration, meditation and adventure.  Its utility has never diminished.

-What type of bike(s) are you riding?
I have a serious condition of not being able to sell bikes.  My current travel bike is a 2016 Honda Africa Twin.  I also have a 2014 Kawasaki KLR 650, KTM EXC450, and a 1978 Honda XL175.  

-Have you taken any exciting rides or adventures since IMS? 
I recently took a two-week trip to the Four Corners area in the US.  A friend and fellow traveler called me from Switzerland on Tuesday, arrived on Saturday and we were off.  America has some of the best riding in the world.  I truly think that the Grand Canyon is the most awe-inspiring natural feature that I have seen—and I have seen a lot.  I realize again and again that the motorcycle is the way to reconnect with myself and my friends.  The experiences that I have shared with some of the world best friends are the foundation for who I am, as a person.

-What’s your next big adventure for the Summer? 
My lady, Meredith and I are leaving in May and will spend the summer riding all over Europe. We are particularly excited about Scandinavia. Meredith rides a 2018 Honda CB500x with the Rally Raid Kit.  It is going to be so nice to share the thing I love doing with the person I love the most.

-What is your favorite place to ride and why?
New places are my favorite.  I love to discover different landscapes, meet new people and understand other cultures.  But if you want a firm answer... Big Sur, because it is close to home. Tajikistan, because it is far from home.  Botswana, because you can see elephants and lions from the saddle. Iran, because of the food and the people and Russia, because of the hospitality.  

-What advice would you get to riders who are looking the ultimate adventure ride?
First, the term "ultimate" is subjective. An "ultimate adventure ride" doesn't mean you have to ride your motorbike around the world. It can be a weekend getaway to a favorite spot or a place you've never been before. It's important for all riders to understand what will fulfill them. Then, that can become their "ultimate" ride.  Just get out there and push your limits, even if it is just a little.  Once limits are challenged, the "goal post" gets moved for new limits.

Second, take the first step today.  That could mean starting a piggy bank for the trip or buying a map to see exactly where you want to go.  Don't let the planning, or feeling like you have to be perfectly equipped to go, get in the way.  You will never be 100% ready, that is what makes it an adventure.

-What changes would you like to see in the moto industry, especially with the younger generation? 
More girl riders. Because girls make everything better. And, better road safety training options. Although experience is everything, there are some basic skills that everyone could learn to keep them safer. 

-Anything else you’d like to share.
I keep up a pretty good social media presence.  I do this because I like making VLOGs so that I can share my experiences and hopefully motivate others to get out their and live their dreams. I find the messages that people send me very rewarding. Many share the fact that I have inspired their "first steps." This shows me that my message is getting out there.  I love the feedback, the questions, and the bright eyes that I get to see when I meet my fellow riders.   You can join in on the fun by subscribing to my YouTube channel @WilliamGloege and following me on Instagram @RoadTripDown.

Around the World on Two Wheels