26" Harley-Davidson Big Wheel Bagger

26" Harley-Davidson Big Wheel Bagger

Posted on Tuesday May 23, 2017
Builder: Louie Bailey 
Build26" Harley-Davidson Big Wheel Bagger 
CompanyLucky 7 Custom Cycles 

- Tell us about you/your shop. 
I was a project manager for a dredging company for 10 years and finally got tired of traveling so much for work. I had owned 2-3 Harley-Davidson motorcycles and always loved to ride. I started my shop 3 years ago when I decided to be self employed and follow my wild dreams. Our shop started small with only a few customers, and with the hard work and dedication from friends and the power of social media, Lucky 7 Custom Cycles took off and has been very successful ever since. 

- What make, model and year of bike is it?
2012 Harley-Davidson Street Glide that was converted to a Road Glide.

- What was your inspiration for the build? 
There is no real story or tale to this bike, aside from the fact that we wanted to build another badass bagger that actually RIDES day in and day out. That gets on the road everyday and is eager TO GO, rather than sit in the showroom or the trailer. That is our goal: to ride to work everyday and look good doing it!

- Where did you find the bike? What year was it originally made?
I purchased the new motorcycle at the Longhorn Harley-Davidson dealership in Grand Prairie, Texas.

- Can you run us through the build process? 
This bike build took some time and imagination and a few failed attempts. But the finished product is gnarly! Motor work by GMR Performance to 107 upgrade. Body kit design by Insane Asylum. All body work, paint, airbrushing, molding, building done in-house. The conversion to a Road Glide definitely beefed it up! Many hours were invested by our awesome team at Lucky 7 Custom Cycles. We wanted to feature our painter and airbrushing artists' talent, our builders ability and detail, and our style and love for a good looking custom Harley Davidson motorcycle.

- What was the hardest part of the build?
The hardest part was the custom airbrush paint and the custom inner and outer fairing. The airbrush required a lot of time and detail. The custom inner and outer fairing were challenging because fitting one manufacturer part to a different manufacturer part has its challenges. 

- What do you like best about the finished bike?
Definitely the paint and the flow of the bike as a whole. 

- Do you have a name for the bike?

 - What style of bike is it? 
26" Big wheel Bagger. 

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26" Harley-Davidson Big Wheel Bagger